There's a spotlight on Africa these days. It’s near impossible to escape the news surrounding Oprah's school in South Africa, or Angelina Jolie's adoption of children from Ethiopia and Namibia. There’s the Gates Foundation moving tremendous resources to combat malaria and AIDS, and a multitude of books on the international bestseller’s ist with stories of the continent and its peoples.

Beyond what you might see on television and read in the newspapers is an Africa at ground-level. Here in Tanzania, the millions of dollars from international aid are a fairy-tale in the day-to-day grind of a mother caring for her family. Here, the hundreds of small under-resourced schools with few books and fewer teachers pour out thousands upon thousands of children who head home to see what they might have for dinner. Here, people give to their neighbors the last of what little they have. Here, life is lived outside the spotlight.

We at Tanzania Volunteer Experience invite you to come down and volunteer in a way that makes a real impact in the lives of the people of our local community. Our assignments will give you an opportunity to both contribute and to have an experience which will leave you changed forever. You’ll lend a hand through education, care for infants, or working on special projects. You’ll have an opportunity to meet people and make friends in a very unique cross-cultural experience.

While you’re here we’ll provide you with room & board, important information on your surroundings and support throughout your stay. Our on-grounds staff are present daily to assist you. We’ll also point you in the right direction should you wish to explore the natural beauty of these lands.

Come, turn-off the television, put down the paper for a bit and join us at TVE. We believe you’ll come to find that, “the difference starts here”.